‘The Salvation of Angelo Raguel’

‘Red, Black and Blue’

and ‘Sons of Missouri’

Your manuscripts were brought to our attention at the latest editorial board meeting where we discussed their potential, and the possibility of being published. Having read all the reports and taken note of the editors’ opinions, I can confidently state that the editorial board found all three works to be thoroughly immersive and well-written tales. We were particularly compelled by the unique storylines you include in each manuscript, and the editorial board was on the edge of their seat for every twist and turn your novels take. The board believes that our audiences everywhere couldenjoy reading your thrilling tales as much as we did and that they could become  favorites of many.

The Salvation of Angelo Raguel

Wikimedia image in public domain

A sweeping speculative fiction, supernatural mystery, story. Reveals the history of creation from the Big Bang to modern times, told by the one who was there from the start: Satan.

.pdf file for view on web, Kindle download or save to computer

Red, Black and Blue

rights owned by REM

A Black American Navy Medivac falls in love with a Vietnamese girl. A happy love story set amongst an unhappy war.

.pdf file for viewing on web, download to Kindle, and save to computer

Sons of Missouri

Library of Congress picture public domain

The children of Missouri live a peaceful life until the outbreak of the Civil War. Their lives are forever altered. A historical western ficitonal piece.

.pdf file view on website, Kindle download, or save to computer



A talented high school musican lacks creativity, and is labeled a computer nurd. He sets out on an adventure to find his imagination and friends to help him fight back.

.pdf file for web viewing, Kindle download and save to computer.

Celluloid Writer

Rights owned by REM

A young filmmaker seeks success in Hollywood. Unfortunately, his motto: Craft is King, lands him behind bars.

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