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Thomas Edison’s Last Invention (Sci-Fi) Richard E. McCallum. All rights reserved.

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Thomas Edison’s actual attempt in the late 1930’s to invent a device to receive premonitions from another dimension, inspires this story. A reporter watches as Thomas’s psyche is projected into the screen and witnesses a visual preview of the coming horrors of WWII and the atomic bomb finale. Mrs. Edison, a religious zealot destroys the device trapping Thomas’s psyche within. (Short story published Fault Zone, and Literary Review)

Please consider purchasing a published anthology containing this story as the proceeds will go to support the Ca. Writers clubs.

New!!! Video (audio/video) read aloud of my story: please click the follow button; and leave a review, comment; and a donation if you wish. (Literary Review 2019.)

Northern Lights aka Melvin the Moose


A travelogue adventure of my trip to Alaska as told as a pickup line to some young women in a bar twenty years later.

Docktown written by Richard E. McCallum all rights reserved

Google Satellite Docktown 2000

Docktown is the true to life story of a small marina in Redwood City, Ca that allowed live aboards. As the condo developments expanded, they drove the residents out of their affordable unique living arrangements. This story highlights the fun, and community cohesiveness of the collection of lifestyles, that gave flavor to the dockers.

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Devil’s Circus (Historical Fiction) Richard E. McCallum


The Farm (Creative Non-Fiction) Richard E. McCallum

Family Pic; Winchendon, Mass.

A memoir of my relatives who visited the family farm and bonded forevermore.

The Holiday Drive-in (Memoir) Richard E. McCallum

Boulder, Colorado Library archives pic by Max W. Chadwick

A true-life memoir of my best friend’s brother’s suicide due to the trauma he experienced during the Cuban Missile crisis of the early 1960s.

Bill Wood graphics

A comedic story of a woman who flees COVID-19, shelters in the back woods and hunts a moose for food.

Conjoined (Drama) Richard E. McCallum.


A complex dialogue only story of a woman with two conjoined personalities.

Short Stories with titles

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