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Richard E. McCallum


  1. Elijah Button
    Hi Richard, Thank you very much for sharing this intense and personal story. (Holiday Drive-in) I would love to schedule a time to call you into our radio show to discuss your experiences. Is that something you are open to? If so, might you be available late afternoon on Wednesday, 12/2? Again, thank you very much for sharing. We look forward to learning more about you, Eli
    Wed, Nov 25 at 9:56 AM


  2. RE: ‘The Salvation of Angelo Raguel’ ‘Red, Black and Blue’ and ‘Sons of Missouri’

    Your manuscripts were brought to our attention at the latest editorial board meeting where we discussed their potential, and the possibility of being published. Having read all the reports and taken note of the editors’ opinions, I can confidently state that the editorial board found all three works to be thoroughly immersive and well-written tales. We were particularly compelled by the unique storylines you include in each manuscript, and the editorial board was on the edge of their seat for every twist and turn your novels take. The board believes that our audiences everywhere could enjoy reading your thrilling tales as much as we did and that they could become favorites of many.


  3. Dear Richard McCallum:
    Thank you for submitting your story, “The Devil’s Circus,” for this anthology, we received an amazing assortment of strong pieces and ones with excellent potential. Congratulations! We want to publish yours


  4. Thank you for submitting your work for consideration. Our panel of acquisitions editors enjoyed your work, “Thomas Edison’s Last Invention” and deemed it ready for publication.
    We received 254 submissions to our anthology this year. Each was carefully reviewed by three acquisitions editors. As fellow writers, we fully the amount of time and talent required in any creative writing endeavor, as well as the courage to put your work out there to be judged by other people. Thus, you should be congratulated that your work was accepted for publication.


  5. Congratulations to all contestants who have won an award in this year’s San Mateo County Fair Literary Arts contests. The complete list of winners is listed at the end of this email, as well as in an attachment.

    Tom and Huck the War Years: 1st place, blue ribbon, historical fiction.
    Thomas Edison’s Last Invention: 1st place, blue ribbon; speculative fiction
    Five other short stories awarded “Honorable Mention” and published on site.

    A heartfelt thank you goes out to each and every one of you who entered this year’s contests. Thank you for sharing your creativity.


  6. I’m excited about all the stories and poems selected for the next issue. Congratulations again on your acceptance. We liked “Thomas Edison’s Last Invention,” and the premise. This piece differs from the rest of the stories we received.


  7. Congratulations!

    Your stories, Devil’s Circus, and Real Women Hunt Moose, were selected to be included in the High Desert 2020 “Survival” anthology 2020. This is turning out to be a beautiful book, and should be a wonderful idea for Christmas gifting.


  8. Dear Richard,
    Thank you for your patience while we organized Redwood City Players’ first ever Educational Playwright Series! This series will provide authors like yourself with 360 degree feedback from creatives, audience members, dramaturgs, and actors alike.
    We’d love to feature your play Sons of Missouri during our March dates!
    Important dates are as follows:
    3 rehearsals between 3/1-3/19
    Tech day: 3/25
    Performances via zoom: 3/26-3/28
    — Raissa


  9. Comments on Real Women Hunt Moose published in HDCWC Anthology Survival: Tales of a Pandemic 2020 available on Amazon
    written by Richard Eugene McCallum all rights reserved; video on site and on Between the lines; story cafe San Mateo Library CA
    Thank you!!!
    · Reply · 4d
    Terri Speier
    A very sweet little sad story. You did well my friend.
    · Reply · 4d
    Michael Shaw
    Nice richard.great to here your voice..
    · Reply · 4d
    Sara Chase
    Very talented!
    · Reply · 4d
    Richard Eugene McCallum
    Sara Chase I’d like you to read it aloud/record it, and have a guy with a upper Maine accent read the male part; can you do it?
    · Reply · 3d
    Sara Chase
    Yes and Rocky Chase may be able to do the upper Maine part.
    · Reply · 3d · Edited
    Write a reply…

    Carole Urban
    I like your writing. I just reread one of your stories last week
    · Reply · 4d
    Marlene Kelly
    That was a good lil story and well told, Richard. A type of sadness but sweet in other ways! Nice job!!!


  10. Jenny Margotta
    High Desert CWC anthology Survival: Tales of the Pandemic

    Mr.. McCallum’s short story, “Devil’s Circus,” is thought-provoking and imaginative. While posing a possible causal scnario for our current pandemic, it also raises issues that may make readers question their own beliefs and ideas of good and evil. The haunting imagery will stay with me for quite some time.

    Jenny Margotta
    author and professional editor


  11. Jenny Margotta, author and professional editor, member of CWC-High Desert

    Yes, I enjoyed “Real Woman Hunt Moose,” too. I didn’t think anyone would be able to find any humor in a pandemic story, but yours and the one by our youngest contributor, Jemma DeSantis, both put smiles on my face as I read them. I really enjoyed working on the anthology — and getting to see the level of creativity of authors from other branches.


  12. Richard’s stories ride the line between traditional narrative and bar-stool philosophy. There are strong elements of challenge and imagination in his work that pull the reader in, then explode their world view. It’s as if Richard engages in a heady argument on every page and wins with razor-sharp wit and words. More than merely clever, Richard McCallum pushes buttons and boundaries in such a way that the reader would be unwise to look away, lest Richard land the knock-out punch.

    Hope you can use that to your satisfaction.

    Megan McDonald VP CWC-SF-P and Manager of the San Mateo Literary Stage


  13. Richard is an engaging, clever and ‘taunting’ writer. I enjoy reading and listening to his stories as I try to figure out the ending, even though I know he writes with a twist at the end, I am pleased and intrigued at the usually surprising ending or revelation of the story’s origins, setting or plot. I also feel like I am expanding my mind and my thinking. Some works are based in historical research and discoveries and if not, they usually s t r e t c h my imagination.
    Ruth Ann Jones—freelance editor


  14. Richard has a vivid imagination and permits the results of it to perfuse his writing. I love the casual way he drops clues into a story, in such a manner that the reader often fails to notice their true importance—until the “aha moment” at the end. Richard has the gift of bringing characters to life, making readers care about them, even in the yet-unpolished drafts he trusts me as a friend to read. Laurel Anne Hill, Author of “The Engine Woman’s Light.”
    Laurel Anne Hill is the editor for California Writers Club San Francisco and Peninsula’s Fault Zone Anthologies.


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