AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE (opens my Amazon page in a new tab so you can keep remstories open), you can view my bio, stories, reviews, and make purchases using Amazon KDP/Vella.

on your phone click on the amazon link.

Facebook (REMStories Writers Support)




CaliforniaWritersClub_SF_Peninsula (Writers Support Club)

ProWriteAid_Writers Community (Writers Support)

CUSTOM ORDER: (you can request stories in .doc, .pdf, paperback, hard cover, ebook, audio book, all in any combo, and pay via a donation. Click on videos to watch/hear reads of stories.

Video teaser and reads of stories: click to play, click to stop. For more videos go to: REMStories_YouTubeVideoChannel

REMStories teasers and stories audio reads

Go to menu/custom order: to select book, read synopsis, reviews, comments, custom order, and donate.

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